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Monday, February 28, 2011

I Am Number Four

Ever since I saw this movie trailer, I wanted to go and see it. It seemed like it had all of my favorite things…action, adventure, with a little bit of romance….you know…everything!

There use to be 9 of us…3 are dead…I’m next. I am Number 4.
I am number 4 is about 9 good aliens, from a different world, coming to Earth after their planet was destroyed and trying to survive as well as learn how to use their new powers. The main character is John Smith, or Number 4, who has to stay “invisible”, which, of course, he finds hard to do. John and his protector, Henri, are constantly on the move so the Mogadorians (the evil aliens) won’t find them and kill them. In order to do that, they must keep their scent far away from them, or at least have a good head start. Can John and Henri find a way to defeat the evil Mogadorians for good, or at least keep running until John knows how to use his powers?
After I had seen this movie trailer, I was told that is was a book first, and of course I didn’t read the book before I saw the movie…that’s next. So far there is only 1 book out, but it is rumored that there is going to be 6 more books, which means 6 more movies.
Alex Pettyfer is the actor that plays John and is originally a model from Ireland. He hasn’t done much acting, so this is his first big movie hit, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I believe he will go very far in this industry because he is attractive, talented, but he is also fairly young, only 20 years old. The director, D.J. Caruso, is also pretty talented and has directed hit movies such as; Taking Lives and Disturbia. Michael Bay produced and we all know how FAMOUS he is, Transformers, of course.

Alex Pettfer hasn't really been in all that much. ‘I am Number 4‘, is his first big film and I am betting his 2nd biggest will be ‘Beastly’, which comes to theaters in March. Now, Michael Bay on the other hand….he's produced a TON of hit movies; e.g. Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Transformers (to name a few). The one thing that they all have in common, is that they are all thriller type movies. They all have big budgets and have LOADS of special effects. He seems to go with what he knows, because what he knows pays him FAIRLY well! The director, D.J. Caruso, seems to go along the same route as Michael. He sticks with what he knows, because it pays him. He always seems to direct movies/TV shows that are action packed, e.g. The Shield, Smallville, and Taking Lives, and are pretty much the same genre….action.

I think that the audience is targeted towards teenagers/young adults. I believe the book is for young adults, so why wouldn't the movie be also? I mean come on, the actors/actresses are all cute and pretty and young….who does that appeal to? The younger generation. I think that the reason this movie is popular, is because it is following the “popular” trend for right now and that trend is the superhero type. The critics keep comparing this to Twilight, but I just don't see it . Twilight is about vampires and werewolves and I am number 4 is about aliens….far from each other. The only stereotype that I saw was that the “hero” is a cute, teenager, who is mysterious and falls for the pretty girl that all the boys just got to have. And of course she will choose the hero, because, duh, he will save the planet!!

I liked this movie. I didn't get bored while I was watching it or wonder how much longer there was to it…it kept me entertained throughout the entire movie. I think that this movie goes by the typical standard for the director, producer, and the main actor, because they do the same genre and don't mix it up with something different. The strengths of the movie would definitely have to be the soundtrack and the visual effects. Whoever picked out the music, did an amazing job and whoever created the visual effects…all I can say is wow! I will definitely buy the soundtrack though. The weaknesses of the film would have to be, that they don't explain things very well. They don't explain WHY they are the chosen 9 and WHY they have their powers.

As soon as I saw the movie, I started to read the book, so that I could compare the differences and see which one I thought is better. I went and saw this movie with Amanda Hayden and I believe that she liked….at least she didn't tell me she DIDN'T like it! My Mom has also read the book, but hasn't seen the movie, and said that the book is just amazing and that some of the characters are just outrageous. I would definitely see this movie again…hell, I might even by it when it comes out on Blu-ray!

In conclusion, if Hollywood is writing a play about saving the planet…they are going to make him cute, young, and mysterious, I mean who would want to write a movie about a guy that looks like Al Gore trying to save the planet?! I learned that if someone is going to save the planet than…he has to be cute and look good while doing it!!!


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